Representative Chris Walsh visits BAC

Alumni Association Board welcomes Alum Rep. Chris Walsh

Representative Chris Walsh with members of the BAC Alumni Board

Representative Chris Walsh with members of the BAC Alumni Board

©Boston Architectural College; Photo by Bonica Ayala

The Alumni Board recently welcomed back Representative Chris Walsh, for an evening of conversation about his path to the legislature, and discussion of projects and legislation of interest to the design community. Representative Walsh is in his first term in the State Legislature, representing the 6th Middlesex District, approximately 40,000 constituents. He sits on the Tourism, Arts and Cultural Committee, Transportation Committee, and the Committee on Children and Families, Persons with Disabilities. He has been an architect in Framingham for more than 25 years and is the only registered architect in the legislature. Before graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Representative Walsh attended the BAC "for many, many, many nights" throughout the 1970's and subsequently has returned to teach and as a visiting critic. Chris serves as the current President of the Central Massachusetts American Institute of Architects as well as being the previous chair of the Framingham Historic District Commission.

One initiative he has undertaken is a bill H03571, an act establishing the position of Architect of the State House. This bill will create a pro bono advocacy position of "Architect of the State House" who will advocate for the need to preserve the State House and other significant buildings in the Commonwealth. Further, it will establish a fund raising mechanism for special projects at the State House. He is also working as a co-chair of the State House Preservation Caucus to encourage people to start paying attention to the architectural needs of the State House.