When Passions Combine

Christian Borger, B.Arch, integrates architecture and photography in school and work

Christian Borger. Photo by Thomas Cadrin

Christian Borger. Photo by Thomas Cadrin

Christian Borger's photography style, a balance of posed architectural and gritty street photography, has been the winning combination to launch both his career and academic success. While his interests in photography and architecture developed separately from each other, Christian, Bachelor of Architecture candidate at the BAC, is now finding opportunities to integrate the two professionally and academically.

In both the professional world and in the classroom, photography offers new perspectives. As an aspiring architect, Christian uses his photography to better understand how people interact with the built environment. Photos provide a conceptual artistic version of how people walk through spaces, move through cities, and interact with their surroundings.

"It has been great to pull photography into the professional field," said Christian. "The BAC pushes you to take what you love to do and really work it into your professional career. Whatever skills you have, you can develop them to launch yourself into the professional field, which is what happened for me with photography. It started as a hobby and I'm now learning how to use it professionally."

Christian works at a Boston-based design/build firm, Placetailor, where he helps with graphics and photography. He works on the company's photography of their projects, and he has developed a keen eye for exquisitely capturing and framing their work.

"Framing the shot is everything," Christian explained. "When shooting an architectural project or model, it's important to frame it correctly and pay attention to the angle and lighting to maximize its impact and highlight the building's features."

Christian's photography skills have also been an asset in his classes at the BAC. Photographs help capture his models and offer a visual explanation of his design decisions. They highlight details that could otherwise be misinterpreted, or missed. Christian previously took a semester off from class to explore what it would be like to do photography full time, but his desire to design, build, and spend time in the studio brought him back through the College's doors.

Beyond his time spent at the BAC and Placetailor, Christian serves as a brand ambassador for a company that discovered his talent through Instagram. He now helps with their ads, brand management, and social media accounts. You can check out more of Christian's recent work and photography series on his website