BAC Alumna Takes Action Against Food Waste

Molly Gee, MDS ’15, organizes Disco Soup: Boston to educate and empower guests

Molly presenting her capstone

Molly presenting her capstone. Photo courtesy of Molly Gee.

Boston Architectural College alumna Molly Gee, who graduated with a master's degree in sustainable design in 2015, is using her passion for sustainable food systems to make a lasting impact. She is organizing an event called Disco Soup: Boston, a dinner and dance party with a focus on food waste reduction. Disco Soup, which originated in Europe, is an international grassroots movement that catalyzes action on food waste. Now, under Molly's leadership, the event is making a name for itself locally.

Molly's interest in food waste evolved as a natural progression from studying sustainable food systems in general. Her passion and commitment developed after she repeatedly stumbled upon food waste as a major flaw in our food system. As she studied a wide variety of topics relating to food sustainability and noticed that food waste was consistently mentioned among all of them, she knew it was worth exploring more deeply.

The two main goals of Disco Soup: Boston are to educate guests about food waste and empower them to help take action.

"The night will be a success if each guest decides to do just one thing differently to reduce his or her own food waste," said Molly. "We are the solution. Consumers are responsible for 60 percent of food waste, yet we do not even realize how much we are throwing away. We can make very basic, easy improvements, like shopping smarter, storing items better, freezing extras, and taking leftovers to go, and this will make a huge difference."

Disco Soup: Boston will be held on November 8, 2015 at the Ashley Street Teaching Kitchen. Ingredients for cooking will be donated by Food for Free, a nonprofit organizations that collects would-be wasted food and redistributes it to those in need. In keeping with Food for Free's mission, Disco Soup will donate the food prepared at the event to a local soup kitchen. To purchase tickets and learn more, go to the event's Facebook page.

Molly credits her education as one of the reasons why she felt empowered to organize and execute Disco Soup: Boston.

"I would never have planned this event if it weren't for the Boston Architectural College, specifically the wonderful faculty I had in the Sustainable Design program," Molly said. "They brought the perfect mix of realism and optimism to their teaching—realism to say that change is hard and a constant uphill battle, but optimism to say that all change begins with the willingness to try, perseverance to stick with it, and outreach to the smart, capable people in our own communities."

Since graduating from the BAC, all of the work she has put into making Disco Soup: Boston a success has been Molly's priority, along with continuing to learn and develop more knowledge about tackling the issue of food waste. As she continues to explore the topic, she looks forward to embracing opportunities to develop waste reduction plans and forge new relationships with some of Boston's businesses and endeavors currently underway to reduce food waste.