Landscape Architecture Student Awarded Scholarship

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Student Evan Hammond Awarded Scholarship by Boston Society of Landscape Architects

The Harbor-Link Gardens: Installation of seaside plantings on Old Northern Avenue Bridge, North End, Boston; Project by Warner Larson

Rendering by Evan Hammond, Warner Larson

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that Evan Hammond, a student in the College's Landscape Architecture program, was one of three recipients of the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) 2013 Student Scholarship Program.

Evan was awarded for a final project completed this spring in an interdisciplinary studio at the BAC called "The Art of Settlement," in which students worked on various redevelopment projects within the Grove Hall neighborhood of Roxbury, MA. His project was a redesign of the Columbia Road streetscape with an aim to increase sustainability while revitalizing neighborhood street life.

In addition to his project, Evan's application included letters of support from Maria Bellalta, head of the BAC's School of Landscape Architecture, and Shaun O'Rourke, BAC director of Sustainable Design.

"Maria and Shaun have both been immensely supportive of my work," said Evan.

Evan transferred to the BAC a few years ago upon discovery that his passion and creative talents aligned within the design professions, and that the program would allow him to earn his degree while receiving credit for his employment in the field, earning him income and experience along the way.

"I realized that the balance of art and science I was looking for lay in design, particularly landscape architecture, because it provides a unique platform for exercising very different aspects of my personality while advancing the hands-on work I enjoy," said Evan. "Additionally, the more I was exposed to the issues of sustainability, the more I felt compelled to undertake a profession that would both create solutions for emerging problems and help preserve the places and things I enjoy."

Evan is now entering his final year as an undergraduate student in the BAC's School of Landscape Architecture and is concurrently employed at Warner Larson, a landscape architecture firm in Boston, for which he earns credit toward his degree.

"I feel very fortunate to be enrolled in the program that I am, and on a career path that I enjoy as much as I do," said Evan.

The BSLA Student Scholarship Program is open to students who are enrolled in accredited landscape architecture programs and are living or studying in Maine, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire. Recipients are selected based on submissions of their student work. The complete list of BLSA Student Scholarship Awardees includes Ngoc Doan, University of Massachusetts - Amherst; Evan Hammond, Boston Architectural College; and Jacob Sippy, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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