The BAC Remembers Frederick A. Stahl, FAIA

A dedicated mentor to young architects and a leader in Beacon Hill preservation

Frederick "Tad" Stahl FAIA

© Liz Linder Photography

It is with deep sorrow that the Boston Architectural College marks the passing of Frederick A. (Tad) Stahl FAIA on Friday, July 26th at the age of 82.

President Ted Landsmark reflected on his contribution: "Tad has been a pillar of the New England community for many decades. He was highly regarded by clients for his sensitivity to meeting their design needs. A staunch Beacon Hill preservationist, he mentored many young architects through his professional work and teaching and guidance at the Boston Architectural Center (now College). Tad brought ethical and aesthetic concerns to the fore in his adaptive restoration of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and he was a leader in transitioning the BAC from a small regional design school into an internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary professional design college. His calm leadership will be sorely missed as he was a great mentor and friend to many emerging design professionals."

In 2006, Tad wrote a personal narrative that addressed his life at the BAC wherein he speaks to the soul of the College and to us as a community, "My own education as an architect convinced me of the essential role of experiential learning in practice. Despite an outstanding academic program in England, close association with a superb practitioner/mentor had been the means by which all my prior training coalesced. I was immediately drawn to the BAC method for the education of architects, serving as volunteer faculty early in my career, then as a colleague and employer of countless BAC graduates during many years of practice, and, over the past 20 years, committed to the success of the institution. The most fundamental precept of the BAC has always been the integration of academic learning with appropriate practice experience, guided and supported through broad engagement with the architectural community in volunteer teaching and in guidance and governance. In this process I have served the BAC in many capacities with the support of many outstanding colleagues, attempting always to maintain a clear direction toward these goals. No success in this effort would have been possible without the deep commitments of many colleagues, with whom it has been an honor to serve and to all of whom I express the greatest gratitude and affection."

Tad's career and contributions to the BAC have intertwined to illustrate the rich fabric of a thoroughly rewarding and civically engaged urban life. His wisdom has unstintingly guided the BAC into the future, through broad engagement with the architectural community and the city within which we live.