Norma Fevrier First Houseman Scholar Graduates from the BAC

Norma graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree on May 23, 2014 at Old South Church in Copley Square

Norma Fevrier

Norma Fevrier; Photo by Sam Rosenholtz

The BAC is pleased to acknowledge Norma Fevrier as the first Houseman Scholar to graduate from the BAC. Norma graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree on May 23, 2014 at Old South Church in Copley Square.

Norma has been a member of the BAC community since 2006 when she began the Summer Academy High School Design Exploration Program as a Houseman Scholar. The Houseman Scholarship Program aims to increase diversity among BAC students, graduates, and the design professions by making design education available to underrepresented groups in the profession.

As an active member of her church, Norma's passion for design and interiors was known throughout the community. Thanks to a church member who discovered the Summer Academy program; and thanks to the diligent support of her family, high school guidance counselor at Arlington Catholic, and Kara Peet, former BAC Summer Academy director; Norma was able to attend Summer Academy with a full scholarship to explore the design profession.

"The best part of Summer Academy was the field trips around Boston. I grew up close to the city, but I was opened up to all the small details and discovered design is everywhere," reflected Norma. "The entire experience confirmed my thoughts about design. I knew it was for me and what I should be doing."

Norma returned to the BAC as a mentor in the 2007 Summer Academy program and transitioned into the BAC as a new student in the Bachelor of Interior Design program the following fall. Norma was a recipient of The Houseman Professional Program Scholarship, an award offered to a past Houseman Summer Academy Scholarship recipient, which provided tuition assistance throughout her studies at the BAC.

The practice-based curriculum at the BAC was a significant shift from Summer Academy. "From day one, you are networking and learning with other working professionals, building your design resume, and having a real-world experience," said Norma. "I know I matured faster and stayed more focused on my goals at the BAC than I would have at any other college."

As Norma grew as a designer, she developed a passion for hospitality design. Her final degree project was the transformation of a scrapped ship into a cruise liner with a design that emphasized a personalized passenger experience focused on interaction, transition, and balance. Special features included garden and play spaces for shared experiences along with therapeutic activity zones for relaxation.

Norma credits much of her success to the scholarship. "It gave me an opportunity to go a school that impacted my life and career dramatically. I was lucky to have the freedom to explore many different areas of design and had the drive to stay on track because someone believed in me," said Norma.

She currently works for Ana Donohue Interiors as a design assistant focusing on residential design. She plans on continuing to develop her skills as a designer and traveling around the world to gain new perspectives on design.