IIDA Fashion Show:Iconography 2011

BAC Student Entry

Interior Design and Architecture students collaborated to create the BAC's first entry to the Interior Design Association New England's fashion show, held on October 13th at the Westin Copley Place. The process began with discussion and presentations about the connection between fashion and spatial design, before the students divided into four groups to create concepts from this year's theme Iconography. The concept The Making of a Hero emerged. Materials from Teknion were used to create four dynamic pieces that represented Loss, Strength, Sacrifice, and Bravery.

The concept statement follows: The Heroic Soldier is representative of all that is courageous, selfless, determined, and unified. Together we feel the LOSS, brought by tragedies of war. Together we are STRONG, to support one another. Together we SACRIFICE, to give and serve one another. Together we are BRAVE. Together we are Heroes.

Special thanks to Aimee Dubois and Lisa Desjardins of Teknion.
Participating Students: Luis Araque, Zane Bell, Sarah Broadhead, Jill Gaviani, Marcus Hamblin, Nicole LaPietra, Laura Mikulay, Irma Montefusco, Erin Morrisey, Justine Perry, Elizabeth Spatola, Erin Sprentall, Megan Thompson, Lauren Schneider, and Jamie Stuono
Models: Sarah Boisselle, Bianca Marchany, Steve Baron, Eden Robards
BAC Faculty and Staff: Amanda Davidson, Linda Works, Patti Vaughn