NAAB Elects President Ted Landsmark to Lead Board

BAC President Theodore C. Landsmark Elected President of the Board of Directors of the National Architectural Accrediting Board

President Ted Landsmark

© Color Magazine; Photo by Marcos Toledo

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce the election of President Ted Landsmark to the office of president of the Board of Directors of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

NAAB is the sole agency authorized to accredit 117 US professional degree programs in architecture and is the leader in establishing educational quality assurance standards to enhance the value, relevance, and effectiveness of the architectural profession. The NAAB develops and maintains a system of accreditation in professional architecture education that is responsive to the needs of society and allows institutions with varying resources and circumstances to evolve according to their individual needs.

Dr. Landsmark comments, "During the coming year, the National Architectural Accrediting Board will develop new criteria for accrediting architectural education up through the year 2020. I have spent the past year meeting with educators, practitioners, students, and clients here and abroad, in preparation for presiding over the discussions that will lead to closer connections between education and practice, more flexibility for schools in preparing graduates for rapidly changing professional circumstances, and increased opportunities for public service. Design education can provide innovative ways of meeting the needs for better public health and our shared quality of life, while enhancing the beauty, sustainability, and enjoyment of our environments. I am very excited at the prospects of working with others committed to diversifying the ways students will prepare to enter emerging careers in design and public service around the world."

Given the increasing globalization of the profession, American architects practicing throughout the world, and architects from other countries increasingly seeking to work in the United States, professional organizations from a number of countries seek the advice and help of the NAAB in developing educational standards in their own countries. Working with the Education Evaluation Services for Architects/National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and as one of the seven accreditation/validation agencies in architectural education that has signed the Canberra Accord (intended to facilitate the portability of educational credentials between the countries whose accreditation/validation agencies); NAAB provides advice and consultation to organizations in other countries which are developing accreditation standards and procedures.