Maria Bellalta and Daniela Coray to present at BSLA Expo

Maria Bellalta, dean of The Boston Architectural College's School of Landscape Architecture, and Daniela Coray, a BAC graduate student in Landscape Architecture, will be presenting at the Boston Society of Landscape Architect's Conference and Expo on February 9.

Their presentation is titled "Social Urbanism or City Branding: The Medellin Model." It focuses on how Medellin, Colombia overcame complex social issues - violence, political corruption and social-economic collapse - through the implementation of socio-political and economic strategies along with urban redevelopment that eventually earned the city the reputation of the "World's Most Innovative City."

Bellalta will discuss how a shift in the political framework to a more inclusive, community-based approach has led to this 21st model of urbanism and permitted strategic new spatial design projects that include public parks, open-air libraries, and a state of the art transit system. As an emerging professional, Coray will share her first-hand impressions on the expanding scope of global projects and of the landscape architecture discipline.