BAC Welcomes New Interior Architecture Faculty

Alumnae Abigail Carroll and Gillian Dahill return to the BAC to teach

Abby Carroll

Abby Carroll. Photo courtesy of Abby.

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to welcome two new faculty members, both BAC graduates, to its School of Interior Architecture. Abigail (Abby) Carroll, who joined the faculty this spring, and Gillian Dahill, who joined last fall, both graduated with Masters of Interior Architecture in 2015.

Gillian is a project engineer at John Moriarty & Associates and taught Interiors Studio 2 in the fall, while Abby is currently teaching Interior Architecture Fundamentals.

"The best professors I ever had throughout school were the ones who were concurrently working in the design field while teaching," explained Abby, who works as an interior designer at Wilson Butler Architects. "These professors brought a practical awareness to current trends and could teach what was really important while talking about real issues and obstacles in design."

Returning to the BAC as a faculty member is an opportunity for Abby to teach students memorable topics in interior architecture that she has applied practically to her job in the profession. Her goal is to enrich students' experiences by talking about topics that she wished she had learned in school or is currently learning about at work.

As a recent graduate, Abby is well acquainted with the BAC's model of education where students work in the field and take classes simultaneously. Seeing as her students will be bringing knowledge from their own experiences in the field, she is excited to have her class be an exchange of meaningful conversations and ideas.

"Collaboration is so important in the design field that I hope my students can learn from me as much as I am learning from them," Abby concluded.