Robert W. Ogle and William Remsen to Publish and Present Pakistan Case Study at NCPE

Preservation Education Challenge: Establishing Cultural Heritage Curricula and Professional Practice in Emerging South Asian Democracies

Robert W. Ogle, Director of Historic Preservation Studies at the Boston Architectural College

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that the collaborative work of Robert W. Ogle, director of Historic Preservation Studies at The Boston Architectural College, and William C.S. Remsen, Boston Architectural College, chief preservation architect at International Preservation Associates, Inc., was selected by the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE).

Their abstract, Preservation Education Challenge: Establishing Cultural Heritage Curricula and Professional Practice in Emerging South Asian Democracies. Pakistan—A Case Study, will be published in Preservation Education & Research (PER), and they will present on the topic at the NCPE Conference in Natchitoches, LA, July 15–16, 2014.

PER disseminates international peer-reviewed scholarship relevant to historic environment education from fields such as historic preservation, heritage conservation, heritage studies, building and landscape conservation, urban conservation, and cultural patrimony. NCPE launched PER in 2007 as part of its mission to exchange and disseminate information and ideas concerning historic environment education, current developments and innovations in conservation, and the improvement of historic environment education programs and endeavors in the United States and abroad. The NCPE Conference brings together the NCPE Executive Committee, preservation educators, and students to explore topics of shared interest.

"Given the lack of access to higher education and the abundance of historic cultural heritage in need extant in Pakistan, how can historic preservation education be established and compete for scarce educational support when the contemporary governmental education priorities target health, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduates?" Robert and William ask in their Abstract. "This paper explores how Boston Architectural College and National College of Arts-Rawalpindi, with the assistance of the United States Department of State, are approaching solutions to this problem."

Robert and William are working in partnership with the National College of Arts (NCA) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, through a Cooperative Agreement award from the US Department of State, Public Affairs Section, US Embassy Islamabad. The goals of the partnership include promotion of professional development and expansion of cultural awareness through faculty and student exchanges, conducting scholarly research, development of a heritage conservation field school, and establishment of a robust online course delivery system to expand accessibility to quality design and heritage conservation education.

The BAC is a member of the National Council for Preservation Education, and the Master of Design Studies in Historic Preservation meets the standards for degree granting programs established by the NCPE.