Landscape Architecture Student Wins BSLA Scholarship

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Student Sean Walters Awarded Scholarship by Boston Society of Landscape Architects

Site Analysis of Boston and Charlesgate Park, 2012, by Sean Walters

Site Analysis of Boston and Charlesgate Park, 2012, by Sean Walters

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that Sean Walters, a student in the College's Landscape Architecture program, was one of three recipients of the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) 2012 Student Scholarship Program.

The BSLA Student Scholarship Program is open to students who are enrolled in accredited landscape architecture programs and are living or studying in Maine, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire. Recipients are selected based on submissions of their student work.

Sean was awarded for a project completed in his Landscape Architecture Studio class at the BAC, which features a graphic historical site analysis of Charlesgate Park that sequences the impact of the built environment from 1630 to present day.

"Sean's firsthand experience constructing the built environment has helped him to understand how the landscape can come together," states the 2012 BSLA Fieldbook in the announcement of Sean's award.

In addition to his project, Sean's application included letters of support from BAC Dean of Students Richard Griswold and Maria Bellalta, head of the BAC's Landscape Architecture Program.

"I had the school behind me on it," said Sean. "It's important for me to share that."

Prior to receiving the scholarship for his studio work on Charlesgate Park, Sean initiated a relationship with Friends of the Charlesgate (FOC), a group committed to its repair and preservation.

"They were excited to involve BAC students," said Sean. "They came to our final studio presentation as guest crits and expressed an interest in using my project on their website. The school gave us the ok, and we gave them permission to use it."

In addition to the FOC website, Sean's project was featured at a Boston Society of Architects Symposium in Charlesgate Park. He presented his work and remained on hand to answer any questions about the area.

The complete list of BLSA Student Scholarship Awardees includes Mike Albert, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Master's Program; Emily Milliman, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Master's Program; and Sean Walters, Boston Architectural College School of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor's Program.