Shaun O'Rourke Appointed as Director of Sustainable Design

Shaun O'Rourke Appointed Director of Sustainable Design

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce that Shaun O'Rourke has been appointed director of sustainable design. Shaun began working with the BAC as an urban ecologist within the School of Landscape Architecture. In his new role, Shaun directs the undergraduate Bachelor of Design Studies (BDS) in Sustainable Design and the Master of Design Studies (MDS) in Sustainable Design.

"We're focused on preparing graduates as leaders in sustainable design within the built environment," said Shaun. "At the undergraduate level, we're building a curriculum that is focused on applied learning and provides a solid foundation across design disciplines. At the graduate level, we're training global leaders in sustainable design who are prepared to address the diverse challenges within an increasingly complex world. Graduates of both sustainable design programs are launching careers across a broad set of established and emerging markets."

Shaun is also focused on providing a breadth of sustainable design courses across all BAC programs, which include accredited graduate and undergraduate programs in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.

In addition to his role as director of sustainable design at the BAC, Shaun is an urban ecologist and designer with specialization in sustainable, urban land planning. The focus of his research is how design and ecology can be monitored and optimized over time to increase the overall environmental health of a region. He previously worked at AECOM in New York City as an ecological designer and at the United States Forest Service in Syracuse, New York. He has worked on numerous public and private development and ecological restoration projects around the world as a sustainability specialist among multidisciplinary teams. He holds a MLA from State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a BS from the University of Vermont.