Finding Love at the BAC

Happy Valentine's Day!

An education at The Boston Architectural College, and all of the studying, studio work, reviews, and exams that come with it, has been the first chapter of many great love stories. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we are featuring BAC love stories—alumni who met at the College or report that it has played a major role in their relationship... and in many cases, both. Please enjoy their stories, and share the love by engaging with us on social media!

Brien and Maya Tal-Baker

Brien Tal-Baker, M.Arch '13 & Maya Tal-Baker, B.Arch '12

As Brien tells it, "I met a cute girl in the BAC elevator in 2008, exchanged a few words about studio, and we got off on different floors. We didn't see each other again for another year, then found ourselves on opposing sides of a design competition. After the initial phase of the competition, we came together as part of a larger team. We have been working together on projects ever since. Projects led to friendship, and the friendship deepened over the years to intimacy. We spent nearly all our time together, and two years after graduation were married and running our small architectural practice of two, Simple City Studio. We still have a strong connection to the school, and plan to teach a studio together in the near future."

Penny Carlhian and Marc Pelletier

Marc Pelletier & Penny Carlhian

As Marc explains, "In 1976 I got a fleeting glimpse of Penny Carlhian for the first time at the BAC; she had dropped off a message for someone in my group, and when I inquired about her identity, I was told, "Forget about it - she would never go out with any of us!".  Well, the following year, Penny and I started dating (she and I were both separately traveling back from the Vineyard, and shared seats on the ferry and bus).  We went to see "New York, New York" the next night, and within five months we were living together, going to classes at the BAC together, and then working together.  Here we are, 39 years later, both still committed to the college and planning the next phases of our life.  If not for a chance meeting at the BAC, our wonderful life together might never have started."

Heath and Adriane Cody

Heath Cody, M.Arch '12 & Adriane Cody, M.Arch '11

From Adriane's point of view, "We met while working on our undergrad degrees at the New England Institute of Technology 14 years ago.  We've been pretty much inseparable ever since.  After graduating we decided that going for our Masters Degrees at the BAC would be the next  best step for us.  As most BAC students know, going to the BAC and working full-time can be a grueling process.  It takes many years and a lot of effort, but the support we gave each other during this time, not only made us better designers and stronger individuals, it also made us stronger as a couple.  We made many great memories during those late nights working on our studio projects.  We've been married now for 8 1/2 years, work in Boston and live in Chelsea with our two cats."

Jamie Schwadel and Ashley Owens

Jamie Schwadel, M.Arch '14 & Ashley Owens, B.Arch '13

Jamie explains, "We met in math class in 2007, our first semester at the BAC, but it wasn't until the following semester in Physics that we became friends.  After spending more time together over the summer, we quickly became inseparable - a feat made more difficult by the demands of the BAC.  But, we worked together tutoring at the LRC, spent late nights working on our studio projects together, and would run from one building on campus to the other to say hi between classes or shifts.  We were married in the summer of 2010 and Ashley graduated from the BAC in 2013, and Jamie graduated in 2014.  Now, we own a home in Chelsea, work in Boston and Cambridge, and have finally expanded our date venues outside of 320 Newbury Street."

David and Felice Silverman

Felice Silverman '92, MID '14 & David Silverman, B.Arch '94

From both of them, "We first met in 1987, when we were in 'Recycling Buildings' together.  Felice often jokes that she 'stalked' David until he noticed her, showing up diligently to class every week hoping he would be there!  He finally did, and we've been together ever since.  Our wedding was one week before Felice graduated from the Interior Design program, and David graduated Architecture 2 years later. We like to think that we represent the marriage of architecture and interior design!

There are no words to describe how important the BAC has been to our lives, not only because it brought us together, but because the BAC has given us our amazing design education, our professional network and our design community.  We've continued to be and always will be very involved in the BAC, as teachers, mentors, alumni, employers, in governance, and even as designers.  We live in Arlington, MA, and Block, Island RI, and a few years ago we joined forces professionally, as partners in Silverman Trykowski Associates in Boston."