The Sustainable Design Certificate is the oldest academic credential in this subject in the United States. The Sustainable Design Institute offers over 20 eight-week, online, graduate-level courses in sustainable design principles and practices.

The strength of the sustainable design program is evidenced by the fact that many courses are accepted for AIA Sustainable Design/Health, Safety, Welfare Learning Units.

An undergraduate degree is recommended, but not required for enrollment in the certificate program. Courses in this program are taught at the graduate-level. For additional information, please contact Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office by email at or by phone at 617.585.0135.


"The classes were significantly more demanding and rigorous than I had anticipated for online education, and I found that there was a very positive, stimulating aspect to the wide diversity of student backgrounds."
—Elizabeth Russini, architect


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To enroll in the Sustainable Design Certificate, submit a Certificate Enrollment Form to Continuing Education in the Registrar's Office. For course registration information, visit Continuing Education Students.