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For experiential learning to be effective, students must do more than simply engage in a hands-on experience. Learning from experience requires a reflective examination of what, how and why something was done with the goal of formulating general concepts that can be transferred to other experiences and activities.

The BDS Practicum challenges students to critically examine their experience so they understand the knowledge they have acquired from that experience. Students develop a framework to generate knowledge through their own self-reflection and evaluation. This engenders in students the resourcefulness, resiliency, and leadership ability they will need to adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of the workplace.

  • In Practicum Seminar 1, students evaluate the four types of knowledge we acquire - factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive. Equipped with this understanding, students critically examine a series of their own individual experiences to better understand how they learn. They create a "knowledge portfolio" that articulates what they have learned from their experiences.

  • In Practicum Seminar 2, students are expected to practice and refine the understanding and mastery of their own learning model. They begin to use their skill to direct their career trajectory and support their growth as design thinkers in the classroom and in the workplace.