Alumni Enjoying Award CeremonyThe BAC Alumni Council Transition Team appreciates your assistance in self nominating or in proposing candidates who can best serve The Boston Architectural College, the BAC Alumni Association, and the BAC community. Council members will provide leadership and guidance for the Alumni Association with a main focus on strengthening ties between alumni and the College, as well as fostering a stronger sense of community among alumni.

We ask that you provide complete information to assist in our selection process. All candidates are reviewed and discussed by the BAC Alumni Council Transition Team and BAC Alumni Relations who will then create a slate of candidates for the Alumni Association to vote upon. The following expectations will give you insight into involvement and service on the Alumni Council. If you are nominating a fellow alumna/us, please consider the time constraints and commitment to the BAC of the nominee prior to making any submission of nomination.  

Expectations of Alumni Council Members 

  • Exemplify the highest standards of professional ethics, volunteerism, and commitment to the College
  • Act as an ambassador of and advocate for The Boston Architectural College
  • Attend (in person or remotely) and participate in Alumni Council meetings including the fall Annual Meeting
  • Identify, promote, and attend current BAC activities, including workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and alumni events that appeal to the alumni body
  • Partner with BAC Alumni Relations to develop professional networking opportunities for alumni and current students
  • Participate in and support BAC fundraising activities and initiatives
  • Work with BAC Alumni Relations to identify and promote alumni who demonstrate exceptional work in their field
  • Identify and recommend alumni for nomination to the Council

For more information about joining the Alumni Council, please contact Alumni Relations at 617.585.0146 or

Due to limitations of the BAC website, it is stongly recommended you
use a computer or larger tablet when completing the nomination form.
A mobile version is available here.