Design, Advocate, Teach: All in a Day’s Work

BAC Faculty Member & Alumna Aimee Schefano

Aimee Schefano

Aimee Schefano

Boston Architectural College alumna and faculty member Aimee Schefano '12 wears many hats in the design community. Beyond her involvement with the BAC, she is a designer at Symmes Maini & McKee Associates (SMMA) and serves as the VP of Advocacy for International Interior Design Association New England Chapter (IIDA NE). Experienced and connected, Aimee has her finger on the pulse of the interior design world.

At the BAC, she co-teaches Interior Design Studios 3 and 4 with Denise Rush, BAC Director of Undergraduate Interior Architecture. She previously taught the Non-Residential Studio for four semesters. After graduation, she returned to the College as a faculty member as a way to give back and pass on what others taught her, remembering fondly the instructors she had as a student.

"The BAC helped me become a better question-asker," Aimee explained. "A design itself is one big response to a question, and the BAC gave me a platform from which to ask all the necessary questions to ultimately reach the right response."

Aimee also views teaching as a personal learning opportunity.

"The longer you are away from school, the more design becomes about the client," she explained. "Through teaching, I am inspired by others' creativity and think about design that does not require a deliverable on my part."

In addition to her work at the BAC, Aimee is a designer at SMMA, a local architecture, engineering, and planning firm that specializes in education, advanced technology, commercial, and health sciences design. While there is no "typical day" for Aimee, her success strategy is to stay organized and focused, even when plans and priorities quickly shift.

"I start each day with a plan that includes what drawings I want to accomplish, determining who I need to circle back to, responding to e-mails, and more," described Aimee. "Some days, I end up following the plan. Other days, by the time I sit down and open my e-mail, the entire course of my day has changed. Most of the time, I end up liking those days because they keep me actively engaged."

When Aimee is not at the office, she is an involved with IIDA NE, serving as the organization's VP of Advocacy. In this role, she educates members and the greater community about the importance of interior design legislation. In doing so, she also helps spread the word about important legislation that has already been passed and mold future goals. She attends school events, talks to firms, produces advocacy focused literature, and maintains the advocacy page of IIDA NE's website. 

As Aimee continues to educate others about the importance of this legislation, she hopes to also help people understand the value of interior design as a profession and how designers' decisions impact the health, safety, and welfare of the public.