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Interior Architecture at the BAC

Interior architecture is the design of human experience, putting the needs of people first and shaping interior space using evidence-based design strategies to achieve functional built interior environments. Designers in interior architecture creatively apply a body of knowledge to address new challenges, working sustainably and supporting health and wellbeing.

Graduates with interiors degrees from the Boston Architectural College (BAC) work in major interior and architecture firms and have started firms of their own. They design workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, educational, and entertainment environments. They work as corporate designers, as advocates in nonprofits, or for municipal governments in accessibility compliance and building code development. Your career possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Steven Baron
Renee Bissonnette
Anddie Chan-Patera
Crandon Gustafson
Maureen Finlay
Paul Joyce
Imran Mohammed Khan
Diane Kitchell
Michaela McGuire
Barrett Newell
Ta Qing
Sarah Redmore
Laura Regrut
Denise Rush
Laura Shue
Michelle Tessier
Scott Zatt
Patricia Zerhusen