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Architecture at the BAC

Architecture expresses our dreams and values through designing spaces for people to live, work, and reflect. Studying architecture at the Boston Architectural College educates you to become a citizen architect, learning from faculty, from professionals, and from your diverse and global peers.

Since 1889, our architecture program has been closely connected to the professional world, with students engaged in real-world design practice as they study. This professional work—from small local nonprofits to major international firms—provides another forum for ideas and transforms the built environment of Boston and beyond.

Melissa Alexander
Mayasim Ammar
Robert Anderson
Matthew Assarian
Woon Bae
Isra Banks
Asli Baran
Christopher Barlow
Seth Berkowitz
Christianna Bonin
Patrick Brady
Kevin Cespedes
Yao Chen
Sang Cho
Jack Cochran
Jose Compres
Christine Cuttitta
Daniel Daou
Edward DeBlieck
Phillip Denny
David Eccleston
Kathryn Friedman
Enno Fritsch
Richard Griswold
Chala Hadimi
Adam Harper
Jason Hasko
Alex Ho
George Hunt
Nandini Jain
Andrew Keating
Carl Koepcke
Milton Lau
Samuel Maddox
Sergio Mazon
John Mazzocchi
Steven McCormack
Michaela McGuire
Adam Mitchell
Jerolim Mladinov
David Morgan
Susan Morgan
James Moses
Nehal Mubarak
Sharon Oleksiak
Lauren Olivier-Brock
Michael Ordway
Jason Pieper
John Pilling
Joseph Porter
Rebecca Rahmlow
Patricia Ramallo
Rashmimala Ramaswamy
Steven Smith
Kirsten Soderlund
Ann Sussman
Nora Tringale
Eva Valdecantos
Amy Van Lauwe
Yifei Wang
Robert Warren
Michael Williams
Scott Zatt
Daniel Zeese