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Landscape Architecture at the BAC

The mission of the School of Landscape Architecture is to provide excellence in design education through an interdisciplinary, academic, and practice-based model of design thinking and learning.  Open to a diverse community of students and faculty who wish to explore urban landscapes and sustainable design principles, the School seeks to advance the landscape architecture profession and the diverse and global communities it serves. 

Check out Landscape Architecture Fact Sheet here.

Seth Berkowitz, Advanced Interdisciplinary Studio

Sara Bourque, Housing and Institutional Planning Studio, Practice Advisor

Jonathan Cave, Parametric Landscapes

Oliver Curtis, GIS Landscape Representation

Tom Doolittle, Public Policy and Environmental Ethics

Jacob Ferreira, Ecological Analysis and Conceptual Frameworks Studio

Michael Fiorillo, Sustainable Material Assemblies

Elizabeth Gittings, History of Landscape Architecture

Juan Camilo Jaramillo, Climate, Landscapes and the Biosphere

Chanwoo Kim, Urban Design and Infrastructure Networks Studio

Noel Kingsbury, Botany

Jessica Leete, Ecology Systems

Chien-Yu Lin, Parametric Landscapes

Danica Liongson, Advanced 2D Digital Visualization and Advanced 3D Modeling and Form

Cate Oranchak, Grading and Stormwater Management

Bertha Pantoja, Materials and Methods, Construction Technology

Michael Radner, Professional Practice

Juli Riemenschneider, Degree Project Studio

Elaine Stokes, Landscape Architecture Thesis Studio

Hongbing Tang, Grading and Stormwater Management

Wendy Wang, Advanced 2D Digital Visualization and 3D Modeling

Jessica Wolff, Ecological Analysis and Conceptual Frameworks Studio

Shaine Wong, Advanced 2D Digital Visualization and 3D Modeling

Neela de Zoysa, Plant Taxonomy