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Design Studies at the BAC

An education in design cultivates skills in analysis, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving that are valuable in many fields. Design Studies graduates from the Boston Architectural College are prepared for a broad range of careers. They work as preservation or design specialists in firms, consultants or sole practitioners, advocates for preservation and sustainability, or as design specialists in government, nonprofits, contracting or construction, and development and real estate.

Janet Roche
Sarah Howard
Dragana Kovacevic
Joshua White
Virginia Adams
Robert Ogle
Susan Pranger
Emily Wolf
James Kostaras
Ravi Parmar
Joseph Steffano
Mara Baum
Elena Douvlou
Shawn Hesse
Margarita Iglesia
Marjorie McNally
Thomas Nelson
Kyle Ritchie
Wesley Stanhope
Alexander Wilson
Samuel Maddox
Ruth Super
Mary Jo Cooper
Jackie Murphy
Nina Arboscello
Sara Sandoval
Rebekah Krieger
Pauline Walters
Dorothy Clark
Brock Leiendecker