Brien Tal-Baker

Brien Tal-Baker

Brien Tal-Baker graduated from the BAC in January of 2013 with a Master of Architecture. During his time at The BAC, he worked at Machado and Silvetti Associates and at Andersen-Miller Design in addition to managing several Gateway projects. He was a representative on the student government, Atelier, and a member of the Institutional Advancement Committee.

Brien is a multi-fascinated individual and is affiliated with a number of movements, organizations, and informal groups furthering knowledge in bioregional urbanism, tiny houses, zoning reform, tactical urbanism, and a number of other topics.

After graduation, Brien started his own architecture and planning firm with his wife, Maya. Their firm, Simple City Studios, is located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Brien is a licensed architect in the state of Massachusetts.

Brien has taught several courses at the BAC, including the longest running pilot of the new curriculum, the Siteworks Studio, and a studio based around the ideas of the mid-century Situationists. He has also taught workshops on model building and SketchUp.

Brien has a strong interest in community and capacity building and will strive to help strengthen the alumni community at the BAC.