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David Rifkind

David Rifkind '92

David Rifkind '92

Bonica Ayala

David teaches architectural history and theory at the College of Architecture and the Arts at Florida International University. His research examines architectural responses to processes of modernization, with special emphasis on the relationships between modern architecture and political forces during Italy's twenty-year period of fascist rule. He has lectured widely and published several articles on the subject, and is revising his dissertation for publication as The Battle for Modernism: Quadrante and the Politicization of Architectural Discourse in Fascist Italy. His subsequent research on Italian colonial urban planning and architecture in East Africa is the first such work to integrate extensive field study in Ethiopia with archival research in Europe and the United States. His article on Italian colonial urbanism in Ethiopia will appear this year in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. This continuing project comprises the first component in a long-term study of modern architecture and urban planning throughout Africa. A practicing architect, he is a graduate of McGill University's program in architectural history and theory before graduating from the Boston Architectural College.

David is both the recipient of the 2011 James Ackerman Award in the history of architecture for his forthcoming book The Battle for Modernism: Quadrante and the Politicization of Architectural Discourse in Fascist Italy and the 2011-2012 Journal of Architectural Education (JAE) Best Article Award presented by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture for his essay, "Misprision of Precedent: Design as Creative Misreading," originally published in the March 2011 issue of JAE.

David and wife Holly Zickler, also a graduate of the BAC, are also designing and building a LEED Platinum house. Their blog, Tin box, chronicles the two architects' thoughts on design, construction, neighborhoods, gardening, cooking, modern life, and any aspect of sustainability- social or environmental- that comes to mind. Their focus is on this single family house in South Miami, Florida, though their online musing may wander farther afield. They post regular updates on the design, construction and commissioning of their new home.