Gerald Pomeroy

Gerald Pomeroy

Gerald Pomeroy is a member of the Board of Trustees at The Boston Architectural College. Gerald founded Gerald Pomeroy Interiors in 1995 and has honed his skills in high-end residential design over the past 20 years.

Gerald has always been a visual person from a very young age and as such was always drawn to interiors and fascinated by the relationship between forms and shape, color and lack thereof, and rough and smooth surfaces. Prior to opening up his own interior design firm he was in visual merchandising.

Gerald had the good fortune to apprentice with an immensely talented designer, and he believed the most important tools that he stressed to him were people skills, being able to convey his vision, earning people's confidence, and to bring his vision to fruition.

Gerald Pomeroy is a classicist... with a wonderful twist. By respecting the architectural integrity of a space while adeptly mixing modern and traditional furnishings, Gerald uses his considerable knowledge and insight to create interiors that consistently address the needs of a changing world and discerning clientele with intelligence, wit, and wisdom.

His rooms are stylish, elegant... and perhaps provocative. They are always memorable. And they reflect an unswerving adherence to a design philosophy that has remained unchanged throughout a distinguished career: to create gracious interiors that revel in beautiful materials and showcase finely crafted furnishings while sustaining and enhancing his clients' quality of life.

Gerald is a collaborator. He brings to his clients talented, reliable professionals and craftspeople whom he knows will understand both the aesthetic nuances of a project and the necessity of executing it to exacting standards, budgets and schedules.

His work has been published in countless regional and national shelter magazines. Two recent examples of his work can be seen in the fall cover story of ID Boston as well as the current issue of Northshore Home Magazine.