Laura D. Eisener

Laura Eisener believes that teaching design is the surest way to ensure improvements in the region's landscape and gardens, since it gives a greater number of people the skills and inspiration needed to create exciting and environmentally sound landscapes.

On design, Ms. Eisener writes:
"In my garden design I like to combine interesting and unusual trees, shrubs, and perennials to provide interest all year, and arrange outdoor living spaces so that they are convenient, comfortable, and encourage more contact with nature. I have been fascinated since childhood by the variety and uniqueness of New England's plants and natural features, and awed by the seasonal drama of gardens. Landscape design provides an awareness of the natural environment and the opportunity to improve the way the landscape functions, from increasing the number and diversity of wildlife it supports to providing more incentive for the property owner to spend time outside and enjoy it."

Ms. Eisener notes that teaching at the Landscape Institute is unique;  the students are energetic and have a wide range of previous interests and experiences, bringing a fresh perspective to the their understanding of the landscape.  The Institute flexible self paced model works well for adult students, many individuals take classes while making a transition from another career or while gaining job experience in landscape design by working for themselves or an established firm. Students' interactions with the instructor and with each other is very rich. "There are often interesting anecdotes that students may bring up from their work in the field or thought-provoking connections that they may make with another, sometimes seemingly unrelated, discipline."