Lee Peters

  • Core Faculty

  • School of Architecture

  • SA101 Foundation Design A-1 Studio
    SA7101 Foundation Design A-1 Masters
    SA202 Foundation Design A-2 Studio
    SB101 Foundation Design B-1
    SB7101 Foundation Design B-1 Masters
    SB202 Foundation Design B-2
    SB7202 Foundation Design B Masters
    Architecture Sketch Problem 1, 2, 3
  • lee.peters@the-bac.edu
Lee Peters

Lee Peters is a Massachusetts registered architect with 13 years of experience managing projects in wood-frame construction: single and multi-family housing, elder care facilities, agriculture buildings and artist studios. He has placed in design competitions defining public space, innovative lighting and community housing as a team participant and leader. In addition to practice, he has taught in several interiors, art & architecture programs before establishing permanent teaching at the BAC.

Lee teaches a variety of formative studios, drawing courses, furniture design and sketch problems. These courses emphasize spatial thinking in a network of ideas and habitable conditions.

Holding a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and an MArch from University of Florida he developed inquiries into public space and alternative modes of urban inhabitation. Lee is an Alpha Rho Chi Medal recipient.

Current projects continue to investigate the convergence of city and people. He seeks to understand, through work and experiences, the relational elements that create place, support use and produce beauty.