Leslie Humm Cormier

  • Instructor

  • Liberal Studies

  • History and theory of modern architecture, art, and urban design

Leslie Humm Cormier, PhD

Leslie Humm Cormier, PhD, specializes in the history and theory of modern art, architecture, and urban design in Europe and America.

She received her PhD and MA at Brown University as a Kress Fellow, affording her study in London and Paris. She also holds a professional MCRP degree in urban planning. She has been named De Montequin Fellow of the Society of Architectural Historians for travel to Barcelona. Cormier believes in the significance of architectural site visits and first-person accounts, and thus has met and interviewed many early American Modernists and European emigres from the Bauhaus era, often within their original modern designed environments.

Cormier is the author of the book The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Homes Through American History: The Early Modern Era, as well as encyclopedia articles on modern architecture and urban planning in the Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture and the International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture.

Cormier has enjoyed living and traveling in the US east and west coasts, Britain, Europe, and Australia. She has returned to the BAC after years of teaching in Boston and Cambridge, including lecturing at Harvard University Extension and Radcliffe Seminars. Leslie finds the experience of teaching our BAC creative professional architectural students personally very meaningful.