Marty Michener

Mr Michener's recent e-publication, Beneath the Fruited Plain, is a wonderful example of how Marty ties scientific and cultural/maintenance investigations together:  sustainable agriculture, soil science, nutrition, and recipes.  Botany Everywhere, his first ebook and textbook, examines plants in New England and thier cultural conditions; users are encouraged to sleuth plant identification, families, and site conditions by noting plant structure and location.  Marty is always advancing, incorporating new tools, such as geospatial data into his inventories and investigations. While enthusiastic about the power of todays technology, available databases and site information, Marty stresses field work and the importance of observation.

Mr Michener holds a PhD in biology from Harvard University and a  BS in biology from Cornell University.  He is president of  MIST Software Associates and a consultant for AMRO Environmental Laboratories.  Marty has taught at Antioch University New England and served as the former executive director of the New England Institute for Environmental Studies.  Marty was the principal investigator for the National Cooperative Highway Research Program's Remote Sensing and Other Technology for the Identification and Classification of Wetlands; he was the former field coordinator for Wetland Studies in the Add-A-Lane Project, Massachusetts Department of Highways.  Publications include  the Wetland Site Index method and Enjoy Birds software.